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Suffolk is to be commended for its 42% reduction in teen pregnancies since 2006, 15% reduction in low birth weight babies, a stable prematurity rate below the state average, a decreasing rate of HIV disease (rate the same as the state), almost a 20% reduction in cardiovascular disease deaths, close to a 30% reduction in diabetic deaths (still 54% above state rate) and a 23% reduction in deaths from stroke. These positive results reflect active medical intervention, community program and appropriate preventive measures taken by individuals."

– Dr. Nancy Welch, Acting Director Western Tidewater Health District

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Welcome to Obici Healthcare Foundation!

The Obici Healthcare Foundation is a private Foundation established in 2006 with assets established through the generosity of Amedeo Obici and funds from the merger of the Obici Health System and Sentara Health Care.

The Foundation is an independent entity unrelated to any other health organization.

The Foundation is governed by an independent board composed of citizens living in Suffolk and in surrounding communities in the previous service area of the Louise Obici Memorial Hospital.


Message from the Chairmen

The generosity and compassion of Mr. Amedeo Obici were demonstrated in the provisions made in his will for the construction of a hospital in Suffolk in memory of his wife, Louise.  He knew the importance of vision and the responsibility of all of us to help others.  His generous gift of the hospital was one to serve the community for many generations.  His gift also made possible the creation of the Obici Healthcare Foundation.

Achieving a healthy community is complex and expensive but it is a rewarding and meaningful endeavor.  It takes not only the work of the medical community, but the efforts of many organizations and volunteers.  In fact, each of us has great responsibility for our own health and the health of our community.  Only by working together to encourage and to participate in good health practices can we enjoy the benefits good health can bring.  Obici Healthcare Foundation looks forward to continued cooperation with our many partners to reach that goal.

On a personal note, this year we said goodbye to a retiring founding Board member and officer, Mr. Robert Hayes.  He served tirelessly and passionately in his many Foundation roles.  As we bid Bob much success, we welcome Clarissa McAdoo, Executive Director of the Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority, to the Board and celebrate her command of the issues and her compassionate heart for those in our community.



George Y. Birdsong

J. Samuel Glasscock
Vice Chairman

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